IT Projects Committee

The Information Technology Projects Committee (ITPC) exists to ensure that IT projects representing the greatest value proposition, and the strongest alignment to University strategy, are prioritized, recognizing that the demand for IT resources will always exceed the University's capacity. ITPC accomplishes this mandate by authorizing, prioritizing and overseeing all IT-related projects within the University that will result in the deployment of a new system or process, or which represent a significant enhancement or extension to existing features or functions of an existing system or process. ITPC is responsible for evaluating all such projects that utilize IT resources anywhere in the University, and is applicable even if IT Services isn't participating. IT Services maintains an Operations Plan which identifies upgrades, updates, and maintenance for existing systems/services; these are not governed through ITPC.

ITPC authorizes and prioritizes projects based upon the submission of a formal Business Case and Project Plan. The first step is the Business Case.The IT Services Project Management Office have dedicated Project Managers and Business Analysts to work with you on the preparation of each of these documents and guide you through this process. Please contact the Project Management Office Manager for more information or to get a resource assigned to assist you in preparation of these documents for your project.

A Business Case is designed to provide a high-level overview of the intent of a project, the benefits and value it will deliver, and the costs and risks associated with it. This information allows the committee to evaluate whether the project has sufficient merit to have the requestor and the IT Service provider work together to fully document the functional and technical requirements, resource requirements, and scheduling opportunities, resulting in a Project Plan.

Once a Project Plan has been developed, it is submitted to ITPC for review. The committee will then evaluate whether it makes sense to continue with the project, now that a more complete picture of its benefits and requirements is available.

Finally, ITPC will maintain an on-going roster of all projects in order by priority. This will ensure IT resources can be allocated against the highest priority projects first. While every effort will be made to avoid disrupting in-progress or imminently-scheduled projects, the committee may occasionally find it necessary to reallocate resources in order to address an urgent and high-priority project.

Decisions made at ITPC will be published on this website within two days of each meeting; details of approval or rejection will also be communicated to you within two days of a meeting for which you have submitted a Business Case or Project Plan.