Approval Stage 2 Project Plan

The second stage of ITPC approval is focused on approving the resources, effort, and spending associated with a well-defined solution.

At the Business Case stage, the approval is to continue work on the concept of the project until more information is available through additional planning work. At the Project Plan stage, the full implementation of the solution will be approved and it is expected that the budget, schedule, effort and funding sources are all accurate to within +/- 10% of what their final values will be. After this meeting, any additional changes that alter the project more than that threshold require resubmission to the ITPC to approve the changes.

To be successful at the Project Plan review, the UofL technical teams who will do the work need to be involved and provide their estimates of what is involved in the solution. Any vendors need to be engaged, including any necessary RFP/RFQ work, privacy scans, and contract reviews through the University's legal team. Availability of resourcing for the project also needs to be confirmed to ensure the estimates are feasible, particulary if there is a hard deadline to deliver by.

The Information Technology Services Project Management Office (ITS PMO) has dedicated staff focused on assisting you in the preparation of your Project Plan for the ITPC to review. Please contact the ITS PMO Manager for more information on the process or to get a resource assigned to move your project forward.