Mailing List Request Form

Note: Mailing lists are created with the understanding that they are to enhance the academic purposes of the University of Lethbridge. Lists that fail to do this or that prove to be problematic may be removed from the system. Please use your email client's 'Address Book' facility to create personal lists.


Example: anthropology-l or zoo-announcements-l Note: Unless specifically requested, all listserv names must end with -l ('l' is the letter 'l', and not the number '1'). That syntax is commonly used to indicate that an e-mail address is actually a mailing list. Do not place periods, commas or spaces in the listname, or use special characters like '&' or '\'. Use only phanumeric characters, dashes and underscores.
Note: This is the address that will 'own' the list.
If you selected option 4 ('only specific users') above, please list the e-mail addresses of those eligible to post to the list in the space provided below (you do not need to add your own email address). This area is meant to be used only if the e-mail addresses you list below are a subset of, or are different from, the users subscribed to the list (you do not use this area to subscribe users to the list - that is done after the list has been created). If you want everyone subscribed to the list to be able to post to the list, leave this area blank, and select option '2' above.
Note: You will be sent e-mail shortly on how to add/remove subscribers.