Computer Lab Acceptable Use Guidelines


A Place of Study

  • The room and equipment is reserved for University of Lethbridge students. It is to be used for academic work only.
  • Computers are not to be used for gaming, chatting or any other non course-related use.
  • Users may be asked to present their student ID.
  • Unattended seats will be cleared off by staff.

Your Responsibilities

  • NOISE: This lab has been allocated as a quiet study area. If you need to converse with others, breakout rooms are available 24 hours a day in B5.
  • FOOD: Packaged snacks, such as chocolate bars and chips, can be eaten in the lab but please eat your meals in the cafeteria. Help to ensure the lab stays clean by picking up after yourself.

Administrative Information

  • To ensure that the facility is being used for academic purposes only, it is checked on a random basis.
  • Stationery items, such as a staplers and hole punches, are available for your use as are printers. Please treat these items with care.
  • You can add money to your print account using a credit card. Print credits are available in $5, $10 or $20 denominations. Go to and click on Online Tools.
  • The bottom network connections are active and available for laptop hookups.


If you have any problems you can call 329-2131 (2131 on campus) or send an e-mail to