Join the 12th Annual Be(E) Amazing Race and get on the Road to Rio!

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Wellness Lunch & Learn

Wednesday, May 25- Self Defense Part 2

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Living Well at the U of L

University of Lethbridge among Alberta's healthiest workplaces.
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Upcoming Events

Be(e)Amazing Race has begun! -It's back! The 12th Annual Be(e) Amazing Race will be from May 2- June 12 and we are on the road to Rio! Find out more!

Wellness Lunch & Learn- Self Defense Part 2- Wednesday, May 25 12:00 p.m.- 1:00 p.m.-  Back by popular demand! Brandie Lea will lead a group thorugh another session of self defense. Click here for details.

Interested in trying out a sit/stand workstation?  Contact Suzanne for more info. Here is the process for purchasing sit/stand workstations.

Mental Health in the Workplace


Coping/Resilience & Mental Health for Academic Leaders.

Wellness in 10: Creative Ways to Reduce Stress.pdf

Staying Well at the U of L

See how the senior leaders Stay Well at the U of L!

We interviewed several senior leaders for their tips on fitting in physical activity, improving mental wellbeing, and managing workplace stress.

See what they had to say!

How do YOU Stay Well at the U of L?  Do you have an interest you enjoy outside of work, something that helps stretch and maintain your physical and/or mental well-being?

If so, we'd love to display it in our rotating 'Staying Well at the U of L' feature on our website.

Take a photo of your talent, interest or yourself in action. You could display a quilt, or some wood-turning, a woven scarf, or a jar of jam. Use the online form to share your story and photo and we will display on a rotating basis on our website and other U of L wellness publications (monthly wellness newsletter, Wellness Facebook, Twitter).

Mental Wellness Resource Links

EFAP (Employee Family Assistance Program) 1-800-663-1142

Here's great new perspective on stress - watch this 15 minute video to start to change your thinking Kelly McGonigal - Why stress is not our enemy

Some self care strategies and other tips from Great West Life Working Through It

  • Learn healthy ways to manage stress - physical activity, humour, creative self-expression,

mediation using deep breathing, yoga, praying

Dealing with Stress at Work TZ5013 Stress Reduction.pdf

Employee Health and Wellness Survey

Thank you to all who took the time to fill out the 2015 Employee Health & Wellness Survey. The goal was to capture trends, identify health and wellness programming and improve where possible. 574 employees (or 49.4%) responded and we have captured the results.

The result are available HERE.