Transferring Records

Note: Records Management will only accept transfers of University records that have not yet met their total retention (TR) period. See the student work storage and shredding, disposition of university records, or shredding of transitory records procedure, as appropriate.

Procedure for transferring records to the University Records Centre:

  1. Contact Records Management to request boxes for the records you plan to send for storage. The boxes are supplied at no charge.
  2. Box the records:
    • Using the University of Lethbridge Classification System, sort records first by disposition date and then by final disposition method (Archival Selection (AS), Destruction (D))
    • Remove documents/files from binders, binding cases or hanging file folders. Elastics or colored paper can be used to group or separate contents if necessary.
  3. Complete the Records Transfer form:
      • Watch this video tutorial for using the new form.
      • Unless otherwise indicated, all fields are required.
      • Add all records to the form in the same order as they are in the boxes.
      • List each file name on a separate row in the table (please do not use hard returns within a cell).
      • Enter dates as a year only, but adjust for fiscal and academic years as applicable. Specific dates or semesters can be entered in the description column to help with future retrieval. For example, a student file that is closed in the fall semester in 2012 should be entered as "2012" in the "From Date" field and "2013" in the "To Date" field to reflect that the file was closed in the 2012/13 academic year. Please contact us if you have any questions about which year to use. 
      • Use the ULCS to determine the:
        • Classification code
        • Disposition method (AS or D)
        • Disposition eligibility date
          • If the total retention period is under review, enter '0000' for the disposition date. 
    • Label each box using the labels sent with the boxes (use the Word template).
      • Place the label on the short side of the box.
    • Send completed form by email to for approval.
    • After you receive approval from Records Management, submit a work request to arrange for the boxes to be transferred to Records Management.