Performance Management


We have made some significant changes to the on-line Performance Evaluation Form for AUPE / Exempt staff. We have streamlined the form itself and made it significantly shorter, but still effective in its purpose. When you view the form, you will note that most of the changes have occurred in Section B. Please note that there are now Required and Optional Performance Factors to be used in the evaluation process. Required Factors are used in all Performance Evaluations whereas the Optional Factors are used solely at the discretion of the Supervisor / Manager. It is important that supervisors / managers and employees communicate with respect to which Optional Factors, if any, will be used in the process. Also, the Summary and Calculation of Overall Performance and Rating (formerly Section C) has been changed.


As a result of the significant changes made to Section B in 2013/2014 year, you will not be able to pull the results from last year’s Section B for comparison purposes as you could in the past.


Form Basics