I Think I am Pregnant- Where can I get help?

1) Seek Medical Care

If you believe you are pregnant and need assistance, call your family doctor if he/she is in Lethbridge or return home to your family doctor if you are most comfortable talking with him/her from your home town). If those options are not right for you, call us and ask to speak with a nurse about your pregnancy situation. You will be given an appointment time to meet with a nurse. She will get your history of the situation and do a pregnancy test.


2) Make a Decision

The RN will offer you information to review your options should you be pregnant (and ideas on birth control if you are not). If you are having difficulty in making a decision, communicating with your partner, deciding whether or not (or how) to tell your family—there is free and confidential counselling available on campus. See Calgary Sexual Health Centre site for general information on sexual issues or pregnancy decision-making. 


3) Follow-up on your Decision

Once a decision is made, re-contact the RN at the Health Centre and book a follow-up appointment with a Physician at the Health Centre. The physician can assist you to get:

a) Pregnancy resources (including physician referrals and community support services) should you choose to continue your pregnancy and keep the child

b) Pregnancy and adoption resources should you choose to continue the pregnancy and want the child adopted to another family

c) Termination resources should you choose to not continue your pregnancy. The physician will have you complete bloodwork which will be sent to either the Peter Lougheed Clinic or the Kensington Clinic in Calgary. Please read over the information on their websites

You will be calling one of the above clinics to make your own appointment. You will need to follow their instructions carefully both before and after the procedure (follow-up care). If you require follow-up care, please book with the Health Centre as soon as possible by calling 403.329.2484 for an appointment.