Introducing Our Team

We're Here to Serve You!

Our medical team:

  • Dr. Terri Kremenik, Medical Director
  • Dr. Bernadette Pahulje
  • Dr. Timothy Collins
  • Dr. Paul Lewis
  • Christina, Physician Office Support RN
  • Jessica, Medical Office Assistant
  • Sherri, Medical Office Assistant
  • Faye, Registered Dietitian

Our mental health team:

  • Margaret, Behaviourist and Mental Health Team Lead
  • Dr. Estelle Opperman, Psychiatrist
  • Kimberley, Mental Health Registered Nurse
  • Nicole, Behaviourist
  • Jan, Addictions and Wellness Coordinator
  • Laurie, Mental Health Client Care Coordinator

Our administration team:

  • Alison, Health Centre Manager
  • Chris, Administrative Coordinator
  • Karen, Client Services Receptionist
  • Kyla, Client Services Receptionist