Mental Health Team at the Health Centre

What services are available to students with mental health concerns?

Students have access to a Mental Health Team at the Health Centre, a new service that can further aid in navigating the challenges and difficulties of mental health/addictions. By reaching out to the Mental Health Team, students can be connectd witht the right resources and supports within the U of L as well as in the community. If you have questions about services regarding mental health/addiction, please contact the Health Centre at 403-329-2484 or visit us in the SU Building SU020.


What can the Mental Health Team help with?

The Mental Health Team can assist students with difficulties in the following areas:

ADHD Personality Disorder
Addictions Psychosis
Anxiety Schizophrenia
Bipolar Disorder Sleep Concerns
Disordered Eating        Stress Management     
Dietitian Services Self Harm
Depression Suicidal Thoughts


Our goal is to help you overcome these challenges so you are able to have the best possible experience at the University of Lethbridge.

To identify and respond to a student in distress, please refer to the Mentl Help Folder.