Mental Health Team at the Health Centre

What is the Mental Health Team at the University of Lethbridge Health Centre?

The Mental Health team was created to help students who have mental health concerns. The team consists of medical professionals who assist students with mental health and addictions issues. The team includes psychiatrists (physicians with extra years of training in psychiatric issues), as well as physicians, mental health nurse, dietitian, behaviourist and administrative coordinator. The team can assist you as you face new responsibilities and challenges during your time here at the University of Lethbridge. 

Examples of the type of situations include:

          o Depression
          o Anxiety
          o Bipolar Disorders
          o ADD/ADHD
          o Personality Disorders
          o Psychosis
          o Schizophrenia
          o Sleep Disorders
          o Stress and/or Alcohol and Drug addictions
          o Self-harm & Suicidal thoughts   and other mental health and addictions issues.

We can also help determine the on and off campus resources which may suit your specific situation.  There are on-campus supports including Counseling Services, Accommodated Learning & Student Success services also available to you.