Faculty/Staff- Dealing with Personal Illness

How Faculty/Staff can deal with Personal Illness

1) Preventative Health Maintenance - We all need to pay attention to our health and as individuals, it is important to make plans in regards to healthy eating, healthy movement and healthy sleep. Our senses of positive health, safety and security underpins the academic and work life that keeps us busy. Should you require assistance, please call Employee Health - the Wellness Office - Cooridinator Suzanne McIntosh 403.332.5217

2) Seeing a family Physician - While physicians are hard to come by, we recommend that every faculty member and staff member try to find a family physician and see them regularly as part of the preventative health maintenance routine (yearly physicals and being seen by a physician when ill). if you do not have a family physicians, Call various clinics in Lethbridge every few weeks as new physicians occasional come to a clinic and the physician 'opens' the practice for a brief period of time to accept a certain number of new clients.

3) On-Campus Health Centre Appointments - Faculty and Staff can see a physician on campus for those issues that are short-term and need one visit in order to avoid missed work time. Faculty/staff can call Chris Moroz at 403.329.5173 to see if they can be fit in at short notice. For booking an appointment into the future, faculty/staff can call the regular phone number at 403.329.2484 extension 1 to ask about a regular appointment.

Legally, we cannot offer full family physician services to faculty and staff. We focus on students but will assist faculty/staff as best we are able. Faculty and staff can book on campus massage therapy and chiropractor visits. Please call Sheri Lacey at 403.329.2484 ext 2 to book appointments for massage and chiropractic care.

4) Wellness Office - Employee Health concerns are dealt with by Suzanne McIntosh 403.332.5217. Suzanne can see you for ergonomic assessments as well as short term and long term health issues.