Faculty Assisting a Student with Their Illness Situation

There are many times that Faculty, in spending time with students, learn of a student's health situation. Generally, we ask that faculty:

1) Consider having clear outlines in their syllabi in regards to how they want student illness dealt with. Do you want every missed class to have a note, do you want only lab work or missed exams to have notes. Consider how you want to deal with the student illness situation and make it clear on your syllabus.

2) Encourage verbally and in your syllabi that students use office time with you or discuss their academic concerns with an Advisor.

3) If, in the course of your conversations with a student, you learn of health concerns that affect the student's academic or non-academic life, we ask you to consider referring them to:

a) Counselling Services TH 217 or call 403.317.2845 for emotional issues such anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns. This office will also assist students in dealing with homesickness, test anxiety and other concerns. Disability concerns can also be dealt with by calling 403.329.2766

b) Health Centre SU 020 403.329.2484 for all overall health issues. The student can book a time with a nurse or book an appointment with a physician to discuss their health issues.

c) International Centre for Students has a liaison officer if the student is an international student. Call that office at 403.329.2053

Remember, you can ask the student to get assistance.

Should you receive a note from the student, it will generally be vague. If you have any questions about authenticity or other issues, please call the Health Centre Manager at 403.329.2483.