Do You Need a Specialty Medication Requiring a Triplicate Form?

If you have a need for a specialty medication, did you know that a plan is required to ensure the presciption of that medication occurs in a timely fashion? Some medications just need an appointment that may have to be booked for a longer appointment and therefore may be a week or two into the future. Some medication may require a "Triplicate Form". These medications include certain pain medications (including analgesics such as demerol, morphine products, hydrocodone/oxycodone products and short acting ADD medications like ritalin). FIND WAYS TO REMIND YOURSELF OF THE NEED TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT AT LEAST 2 WEEKS AHEAD OF TIME! Put the reminder in your paper or computer reminder system ahead of the time you will run out. This clinic does NOT refill medications over the phone- you must book an appointment in person.

Specialty Prescription Planning for Triplicate Forms:

Many clinics have NO triplicate forms available and most have limited ability to prescribe using a triplicate form. Therefore, patients need to be pro-active and work with their clinic to make a prescription plan. This plan may include:

1) ensuring that when you book, you clearly state the name of the medication and if it is a specialty medication or a triplicate form medication

2) a review with the physician of the need for the specialty medication

3) an offering by the physician of alternate medications that do not require a specialty triplicate form

2) a review with staff of how that particular clinic offers specialty medications.

3) a plan of how far ahead the client needs to book an appointment to refill medications and which physician within the clinic will prescribe.

It is your job as a client to ensure that you understand the Prescription Plan for your medication. Please AVOID last minute prescriptions with the need for triplicate medications- you will need AT LEAST TWO weeks in most cases for an appointment to renew. You MUST clearly state when you are booking the appointment that it is for a triplicate form medication AND tell the booking clerk the name of the medication.

If you have questions, please contact the Health Centre at 403.329.2484 and ask for a nurse to discuss your particular situation. Plan ahead and avoid panic and disappointment.