We are committed to provide a caring and confidential environment. As such, the U of L Health Centre collects personal information that is necessary to operate clinical health services and manage the health care for those people who visit the Health Centre. Personal information collected at this health care facility is used to manage health care services, such as physician visits, generation of laboratory test reports, program statistics, billing, etc. In addition to information collected under the general authority, the Alberta Health Care Insurance Act authorizes the collection of the individual’s Alberta Health Care Insurance number or its equivalent for billing purposes. Collection of personal information by health practitioners and confidentiality of clinical records are also subject to the provisions of the Alberta Health Disciplines Act, Health Facilities Review Act, Medical Professions Act and Health Information Act.

For further information about personal information collected by the U of L Health Centre, contact the Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Administration: 403-329-2276

Separation of Academic and Health Records

Medical records are kept completely separate from your Academic Records. We retain your records for 10 years, from the date of the last appointment. After this period of time your chart is destroyed.

These documents do not leave the Health Centre except with your written consent or as required by law in accordance with the following legislation:

Medical records may also be used for descriptive research purposes, once all identification has been removed.

University Officers and Employees

In accordance with our U of L Confidentiality of Student Records, those who are responsible for compilation of other records pertaining to students are responsible for ensuring their total confidentiality, and will release no information from these files except as specifically allowed by policies contained herein.

Accessing Your Own Health Records

Download Consent to Release Form.pdf (65.09 KB)