Clinic Schedule

The Health Centre is primarily an appointment based clinic. Walk-in appointments can sometimes be accommodated but the best way to ensure that a physician can see you is to call ahead to book an appointment. Physician appointments are available Monday to Friday and we have recently added appointment times over the lunch hour to make our clinics more accessible to you. Evening appointments are not available at the Health Centre at this time. Please see see After Hours Care for more information regarding evening and weekend medical care.

Our physicians are booked carefully to maximize their time here. Please clearly state your booking requirements (that is, the reason for you visit) clearly when asked by our client service team. Your appointment will be scheduled for a specific amount of time based on the needs you express to our client services team.

We also have other practitioners that work to help you. We have wonderful administrative support staff, nurses, dietitian, behaviourist and others to ensure excellent health care to you. If you have questions about clinic schedule and how to fit an appointment into your schedule, please call 403-329-2484, extension 1 to ask about how to book an appointment. 


Practictioner  Service



By Referral
  • Require referral.
  • Book an appointment with a physician to get a referral for this service (no cost to UofL student).

Mental Health Nurse and Behaviourist

Booked appointments
  • If you believe you need assistance with mental health issues, call the Health Centre at 403-329-2484 or drop by SU 020 to start the process. Talk to us!


Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm
  • Nursing services can be many things including personalized talks about your health issues, helping with understanding medical services including referrals to other on and off campus services
  • Injections and other treatments as ordered by a physician - by booked appointment.
  • For personal, uninterrupted time you will require an appointment. Call 403-329-2484

Monday through Friday,  9am to 4pm

  • General Health concerns
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI) testing
  • Yearly physicals
  • Appointment can be scheduled for any health concern


By Referral
  • Physician's referral is required
  • Psychiatrists are Physicians who take extra training on mental health/mental illness .