Student Health Care Since 1967

The University Health Centre has been providing services to students since 1967, when the U of L began operations.

The Health Centre exists to provide a safe place to deal with health/mental health concerns. At the Health Centre, our physicians, our psychiatrists, our nursing staff, and our support staff all focus on your health/mental health issues. Over the years we have expanded from a centre that provides basic health care, to a clinic offering a full spectrum of health and mental health care services to all students including landed immigrants and international students. In 2008 we extended our client base to include limiitted access to faculty and staff.

In accordance with the University of Lethbridge Strategic Plan we form an integral part of the Campus Plan with the following mandates:

  • Medical Clinic Services (on-campus physician appointments to deal with any health concern)
  • Assistance to students with understanding and connecting to provincial health insurance assistance
  • Mental Health assistance through a team of administrative staff, nurse, dietitian, behaviourist, physicians and Psychiatrist¬†(Physicians with extra training in mental health/illness concerns)
  • Health education to the campus community
  • Communicable Disease Management

Further, the Health Centre shares support to the community with other departments such as Counselling Services, Accommodation Learning Centre, Student Success Centre, Chaplain, etc.