Behavioural Health Consultant

The Behavioural Health Consultant (BHC) is a specialized mental health therapist who aids students in addressing a wide range of physical and mental health concerns with the goals of early identification, quick resolution, long-term prevention, and health promotion. The position works with the Mental Health Team to treat and manage patients with emotional and/or health problems efficiently and effectively using targeted, well researched techniques. BHC services are desiged to help you when your habits, behaviours, stress, worry, or amotional concerns about life problems interfere with your daily life and health.

BHC appointments are by referral only.

Our BHC can help you with the following conditions/symptoms:    

  • anger
  • anxiety/panic
  • grief and loss
  • depression
  • stress       
  • headaches
  • sleep problems
  • high blood pressure
  • chronic pain
  • other lifestyle issues

What to expect from your BHC appointment:

The BHC will ask you questions about your physical symptoms, your emotional concerns and your behaviours - and how they might be related. Sometimes sharing your symptoms, concerns and behaviours can result in you feeling differently (sad, mad, tired) or thinking differently.

You can expect to be seen for a maximum of six sessions and for the BHC to have a close working relationship with your physician.

Each session last about 60 minutes and the BHC will provide you with a brief "solution-focused" assessment and treatment. If this type of therapy is not appropriate for your concerns, we will help refer you elsewhere. You and your physician remain in charge of your health care. Your participation in working with a BHC is voluntary and will not impact the medical services provided by your physician. BHC services help you and your physician develop and implement the best plan for you!

If you would like more information on obtaining an appointment with the BHC, please call the Health Centre at 403-317-2888 or visit us in the SU Building SU020.