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*Smart PAF (Payroll Authorization Form)
*Smart PAF (Payroll Authorization Form) - FAQs
*Smart PAF Training
Application for a Permit to Employ an Adolescent (Age 12, 13 or 14)
Changing Timesheet Approvers and/or Supervisor Form
Direct Deposit Form
Expiry Date for 900 Series SIN
Manual Hourly Timesheet
Manual Timesheet/Exception Report (Faculty, Directors, APO, Executive)
Manual Timesheet/Exception Report (Salaried Support Employees)
Modified Work Week Manual
Non Employee Access Rights Authorization Form
Request for Appointment (RFA) Requirements
Social Insurance Number (SIN) - Proof of Identity Requirements
Social Insurance Number (SIN) Application Form
Supplementary Pay Form
Supplementary Pay Guidelines - Acting Pay and Stipends
Support Staff Probation Period Evaluation (fill-able)
TD1 Alberta Form (2017)
TD1 Alberta Form (2018)
TD1 Alberta Form (2018) - Fillable
TD1 Alberta Worksheet (2017)
TD1 Alberta Worksheet (2018)
TD1 Federal Form (2017)