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Eating Right

Waste little time on grocery shopping and dishes! Your student can eat right and save time as first year residents are automatically enrolled in a Commuter Residence Dining Plan, with no option to “opt out”. This is a room and board program.  We believe the room and board program is an important part of the success of your students first year in university.

Dining Plan

Dining Plan Options and Fees.

At the University of Lethbridge participation in a Residence Dining Plan is MANDATORY for all students living in University Hall & Kainai House Apartments.  By choosing to live in residence you are choosing to participate in the Residence Dining Plan as outlined in your Single Student Housing License Agreement.  See Contracts.


First year students living in Mt Blakiston House, University Hall or Piikani House are automatically enrolled in a minimum Commuter Residence Dining plan, with no option to "opt out." This is a "room and board" program. 

Catering & Food Services

The Catering and Food Services Department is provided by Aramark Food Services.

U of L Student ID Card as Debit

Use U of L Student ID as a Debit Card

A safe and convenient method of transacting goods and services at the U of L. University operations will accept payment by Bridge Bucks through a simple swipe of your Student ID Card. No banking fees. Your money is deposited in a central account. This is also how your dining plan works.



1. Obtaining Your First Card                                                                                             

You will need to obtain your student ID card from the U of L IT Help Desk located in Turcotte Hall (TH218) 

You will need to provide the staff with your University Student Identification Number (found on your Offer of Accommodation) & picture ID.     

2. Activating Student ID Card   

Estimating Costs

Daily Meal Costs*

*Costs are based on 2017/2018 Dining Plan Fees

It is important to remember that the dining plan is not designed to provide every meal during the academic year.

Our dining plans are based on the following -


Dining Plans Are Available For Everyone

Anyone can purchase a dining plan, but all New University Students living in Mt Blakiston House, University Hall or Piikani House are automatically enrolled in a minimum Commuter Residence Dining plan, with no option to "opt out." This is a "room and board" program.

You may use your dining plan at any of the Aramark dining locations on Campus.

See Aramark Food Services

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