Student Conduct Code

Roommate Requests

At the time of residence application, students may consider roommate requests. This is optional!

If you know the names of other students you would prefer to live with in the upcoming term or academic year, you may provide to 3 roommate names on your application. Only mutually requested roommates with matching profile preferences will be considered. 

The following is important to note while requesting a roommate - 

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours is a residence wide policy to be honoured by all residents.

Residence Spaces closed during quiet hours: 

  • The Pine (University  Hall)

  • The Hive (Kainai House)

  • The Peak (Mt. Blakiston House)

Regular Term Quiet Hours

Residence wide quiet hour policy to be observed by all residents. 






Residence Community Handbook

The Residence Community Handbook contains the rules and regulations for living in residence at the University of Lethbridge. The handbook is part of the Single Student Housing License Agreement and by signing the agreement a student also agrees to live by these rules and regulations.


Housing Standards

Housing Services strives to protect the well-being, safety and security of all Residents. See Residence Security. These standards are applicable to all individuals who reside in our Residence facilities and to all their guests. The standards apply to all University property, Residence property and during all Residence-related events, even if these events take place outside Residence property.

See Policies


Host Responsibilities

A "guest" is anyone the resident allows entry to any residence space.

It is assumed that if you have a guest here, you will be on campus with your guest.

Guests can be external to the University and are expected to adhere to same code of conduct as U of L students. Note that guests can not request access to residence from RAs or Security Office at any time.

See Guest Parking

Adjudication Process

Residence Life Policy Violations

Residents will be held accountable for violations of Residence Life policies. By virtue of their resident status, residents face Housing Services administrative action.

At the same time, by virtue of their University of Lethbridge student status, residents may also be subject to University disciplinary sanctions through other University channels.

Resolution Process

Residents involved in incidents in Student Housing generally:

Section B

First time Sanctions

Will normally result in one or a combination of the following actions:

See Adjudication Process

Warning Letter

  • Resident is informed that his or her behavior did or did not constitute a minor violation of Student Housing rules.
  • Further violations may result in more serious sanctions.

Community Service Hours

Section A

Standard Sanctions

Standard sanction for violation of policies in Section A is immediate termination of the Single Student Housing License Agreement.

When significant mitigating or aggravating circumstances occur, they will be considered and, in some cases, may affect the sanction imposed.

See Adjudication Process.

NOTE: Termination of the agreement does not release the student from payment of his or her financial obligations.


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