Student Policies and Procedures

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours is a residence wide policy to be honoured by all residents.

Residence Spaces closed during quiet hours: 

  • The Pine (University  Hall)

  • The Hive (Kainai House)

  • The Peak (Mt. Blakiston House)

Regular Term Quiet Hours

Residence wide quiet hour policy to be observed by all residents. 






How do I cancel my housing contract?

Students wishing to cancel their occupancy in residence are to notify the Housing Services before the last working day of the previous month to make the notice effective for the last day of the month (or the end of the term).

A Notice of Cancellation Form must be completed at Housing Services (C420 - University Hall) to effect the notice period. Notice provided after the first of the month shall not be effective until the end of the following month (or term end).

Do I need renter's insurance?

All residents (including International Students) staying in the University of Lethbridge residences including are required to have insurance coverage for the duration of the license agreement. Insurance coverage may be obtained through an existing home insurance policy of a parent/guardian or by purchasing tenant insurance coverage through an insurance provider.

Can I have a pet?

The University of Lethbridge has a “no pet policy” which must be followed. Please abide by this policy as it is for the health and safety of the entire community. You are allowed however, to have fish. Single students can have up to a five-gallon fish tank.

Residence Community Handbook

The Residence Community Handbook contains the rules and regulations for living in residence at the University of Lethbridge. The handbook is part of the Single Student Housing License Agreement and by signing the agreement a student also agrees to live by these rules and regulations.


Housing Standards

Housing Services strives to protect the well-being, safety and security of all Residents. See Residence Security. These standards are applicable to all individuals who reside in our Residence facilities and to all their guests. The standards apply to all University property, Residence property and during all Residence-related events, even if these events take place outside Residence property.

See Policies

Fire Safety

Fire Alarms

In University Hall the fire alarm is a two-stage system

  1. Slow, pulsed ring that signals, “Go to your room and prepare to evacuate”.
  2. Steady constant pulse that signals you to evacuate now.

In the event a fire alarm sounds


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