Family Housing


Housing Inspection Schedule

In addition to move-out inspections, residences will be subject to mid-semester and semi-annual Health and Safety Checks as follows: 

New University Students Homes Biweekly-Monthly Health and Safety Checks

Housing staff will conduct the Health and Safety Checks.

The lack of cleanliness in a unit may result in the possibility of vermin infestation and unsanitary living conditions.


Housekeeping Standards

All residents are expected to keep their areas clean throughout the year. This includes common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and hallways. See Requirement to Maintain. To review biweekly-monthly and mid-semester Health and Safety Check Dates - See Inspection Dates

Right of Entry

Housing Services reserves the right of entry into "student‟ rooms to


Housing Standards

Housing Services strives to protect the well-being, safety and security of all Residents. See Residence Security. These standards are applicable to all individuals who reside in our Residence facilities and to all their guests. The standards apply to all University property, Residence property and during all Residence-related events, even if these events take place outside Residence property.

See Policies

Unit Inspection Form

Complete Upon Arrival 

For your protection, a Unit Inspection Form (UIF) is to be completed by every resident upon arrival. This document outlines all aspects of your room/apartment/suite and its present condition.  You will receive this inspection form once you have signed your Single Student Housing License Agreement.

You will be reporting the imperfections and damages you may see upon move-in to your room/suite. 

What Not To Bring



Possessing or using  wired or wireless internet router jeopardizes the the integrity of the emergency response system.

  •  Wired or wireless Internet Router
  •  Wireless Printer

Devices, containers or paraphernalia designed to promote 
binge, excessive or rapid drinking

What To Bring


The U of L, Housing Services and Residence Council does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen belongings nor damage. Many family homeowner’s insurance policies will cover your personal belongings while at school. Check with your broker.

Grab a Suitcase

All you really need to do is pack a suitcase, bring your bedding and move in!

Moving In


Move-In Dates 

There are specially designated dates for New University Students | Transfer and Continuing | Mature Students.

See Important Dates


You can move in between 8:30am and 4:00pm ON DESIGNATED MOVE IN DAYS. 

Service Charges

Service Charges for Lost Keys*

*Updated May 2017 / Prices - Approximate and subject to change without notice

For Lost Keys & New Lock Requests Rate
Mail Key $ 50
Door Key (FOB) $ 75
Complete Lock Replacement $350

Note: Non-Returned keys are considered lost and replacement charges are as indicated above.


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