Student Housing

Kainai House

Housing & Dining

Kainai House is reserved for students coming directly from High School.

New University Students living in University Hall, Kainai House or Piikani House are automatically enrolled in a minimum Commuter Residence Dining plan, with no option to "opt out." This is a "room and board" program. 

See Special Allocations

See Residence Dining Plan details

Maintenance Request

We care about your home and we would like you to be comfortable there. If there is anything that requires maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Notify Housing Services or your RA immediately!  After hours - Call Campus Security 

Housing Services (403) 329-2584 | Campus Security (403) 329-2345 


You are what you share and we love to share our resources

Our team is well-informed and prepared to support all students who require assistance.  For a student seeking on-campus or external resources, we can help!

If you are seeking assistance with your health, safety concerns, academic pursuits or general supports please review Student Services on-Campus.

Residence Assistant

A Residence Assistant is a supportive and approachable peer and leader for the residents of their section and facility. They liaise between their residents, their facility’s Vice-President, the ORS Council, and Housing Services.

With a co-RA, they develop, foster, manage and protect their inclusive community through social and educational events, programming, opportunities, and everyday interactions. They ensure their residents have the opportunity to:

  • Be active and contributing members

  • Be healthy in mind and body

ORS Executive

The ORS Executive consists of four individuals, one President and three Vice-Presidents, who are elected during the annual ULSU elections.


See President's Message 

The President leads the ORS Council, with a major focus on the Vice-Presidents and ORS Operations Team, and represents residents to Housing Services, the ULSU, and the uLethbridge community. They are also the Residence Representative on the ULSU General Assembly. 


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