Student Housing


First year students living in Mt Blakiston House, University Hall or Piikani House are automatically enrolled in a minimum Commuter Residence Dining plan, with no option to "opt out." This is a "room and board" program. 

Catering & Food Services

The Catering and Food Services Department is provided by Aramark Food Services.


Open Communication 

The key to successful roommate relations is open, honest communication: It is better to know how everyone feels about issues before problems arise.


Welcome to your home away from home. Living with others in a residence is different from living in a private apartment or house. What you may feel comfortable with in a private or independent apartment may not be safe or appropriate in a shared residential environment.

Please be respectful of your roommates/suitemates and ensure that you are familiar with all guest procedures. 

See Guests


Housing Inspection Schedule

In addition to move-out inspections, residences will be subject to mid-semester and semi-annual Health and Safety Checks as follows: 

New University Students Homes Biweekly-Monthly Health and Safety Checks

Housing staff will conduct the Health and Safety Checks.

The lack of cleanliness in a unit may result in the possibility of vermin infestation and unsanitary living conditions.


Housekeeping Standards

All residents are expected to keep their areas clean throughout the year. This includes common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and hallways. See Requirement to Maintain. To review biweekly-monthly and mid-semester Health and Safety Check Dates - See Inspection Dates

Right of Entry

Housing Services reserves the right of entry into "student‟ rooms to


Housing Standards

Housing Services strives to protect the well-being, safety and security of all Residents. See Residence Security. These standards are applicable to all individuals who reside in our Residence facilities and to all their guests. The standards apply to all University property, Residence property and during all Residence-related events, even if these events take place outside Residence property.

See Policies


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