Student Housing

Understanding the Process

It is important that family and friends support and encourage their student as they embark on this new academic pursuit and choose to live in our on-campus community. Help your student succeed academically by encouraging them to be responsible, accountable, and to grow in this period of their lives. 

Be informed! Research provides evidence that students who live in Residence are substantially more likely to succeed to graduation than those who live off campus. 

Student ID Card Photo Requirements

  • The photos must be taken against a plain white or light-coloured background with enough contrast between the background, facial features and clothing, so that the applicant’s features are clearly distinguishable against the background.
  • The photos must be clear, sharp and in focus.
  • The photos must show a full front view of the face and top of the shoulders squared to the camera (the image of the face and shoulders must be centered in the photo). The head must not be tilted to the side.

Activity Waiver

The Organization of Residence Student’s Council and the Department of Housing Services host many events, sessions, and social activities each term through the residence life and education program. As the health and safety of the residence community is a high priority for Housing Services and the University, all staff are provided with training on event planning and risk management processes to ensure all sanctioned activities are reasonably safe, appropriate, well planned, and the risks and hazards are removed or mitigated accordingly.


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