Accepting Housing Offer

Steps to Accept your Offer of Accommodation

All Incoming Single Student Responsibilities

1. Once accommodation is assigned, you will be advised through an 'Offer of Accommodation' letter via your email address you provided upon application to housing.

Note: You should activate your U of L email account now.

Receiving Housing Offer

Housing room assignments are made based on compatibility and lifestyle selections made during the online application process.

Available inventory is determined by type of requests that we received.

Once we have extended a Housing Offer of Accommodation there are a number of important steps that you must attend to. 

See Accepting Housing Offer

Note: Spring applications are not accepted until after Fall assignments have been made.


Service Charges

Service Charges for Lost Keys*

*Updated May 2017 / Prices - Approximate and subject to change without notice

For Lost Keys & New Lock Requests Rate
Mail Key $ 50
Door Key (FOB) $ 75
Complete Lock Replacement $350

Note: Non-Returned keys are considered lost and replacement charges are as indicated above.


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