Summary of Expenses Family Students

Housing Services Fees*

*Fees Effective May 1, 2017

Administration Fees Housing Application fee $50.00  $50 Non-Refundable Admin Processing Fee
  Housing Contract Cancellation




Before Move-in

After Move-in

  Security Deposit

One month's rent

Refundable when you move out if no charges have been assessed against your account. See Unit Inspection Form.

See Damage Repair Charge-back Pricing

Note: Cleaning rates are also listed here, should you fail to thoroughly clean your residence upon Move out.

Additional Mandatory Charges ORS Fees $45/per term The Organization of Residence Students (ORS) provides community development opportunities to meet, interact, and socialize in an academic atmosphere, for the benefit of each member and the community as a whole

Basic Service Fee

$72/per term

See Telephone

Optional Charges Parking $385.00-$580.00/annually

Parking is available for purchase. Family resident permit must be purchased directly through the Housing Office (C420).

See 2016/2017 Parking Fees


Dining Plan

 $1,665 to $3,845*

*2016/2017 Rates

Dining plans are optional for all residents unless they are New University Students residing in Kainai House or University Hall.

Miscellaneous Charges Utility Surcharges  


May be levied to off-set increasing utility costs due to deregulation and the resulting inflationary impact

  • Common satellite TV areas
  • Coin and or Blackboard operated laundry facilities
  Student Conduct Violations  

Student Conduct Termination - Financial Obligations

See What Your Rate Includes

See Payment Options