Personal Characteristics

A Position of Trust

In performing their duties, Residence Assistants are in the position to deal with extremely confidential information, including the academic status and health information of others.

Because University student housing is not a program orientated to minors, staff are not subject to a formal security check. Consequently, it is critical that we get to know you on a personal and social level prior to engaging in a formal interview process.

We need to know who would be good in a crisis situation and who would excel in the management of day-to-day responsibilities. So although we advertise for RAs throughout the year, your "interview" essentially starts when you first come to campus.

Some of the characteristics we look for include:



As an RA, will I have a roommate?
It depends on where you live. In University Hall, RA’s live in single rooms, in Kainai they live with their RA partner. In The rest of Aperture Park, RAs will likely share an apartment or townhome with another student.

Housing Services recognizes the unique needs and personality of different areas of Residence and works to ensure the best overall fit between RA staff characteristics and facility needs. The hiring committee considers a number of factors in the placement of staff.  You will be asked to provide your preferences for building and age groups but that does not necessarily ensure a placement in your preferred area. 



Can I hold another job on/off campus if I am an RA?
Being an RA is a big responsibility and time commitment. Any second job needs to be approved by the Housing Management team. This approval is not guaranteed and will be based on the RAs job performance and other time commitments.  

Academic Status

RA candidates must have at least a 2.0 GPA and cannot be on academic probation.  Additionally, the candidate must be at least a second year at the time that he/she starts the RA position. 


Prospective RAs should be interested in building community, developing leadership skills, connecting students to resources, and helping students get the most out of their University experience.


We look for people that students feel comfortable talking to. RAs need to be good listeners and have an ability to gain the trust and respect of those they’re working for.                                                       


Any RA will tell you that their job can be challenging at times, everyone will find themselves in a situation where they are pushed outside their comfort zone at some point in their term. An effective RA will have the self-confidence to perform their duties despite challenges and uncertainty.  

RAs receive a great deal of training before and during their time as a RA, so you don’t already need to know everything.  However, it is important that you understand that confrontation and crisis management are a part of your position and you should feel confident in your abilities to learn more about this if you are going to be a RA. 


We need RAs who do the right thing even when no one is watching. The RA role comes with a great deal of responsibility and is often in the spotlight. An ethical leader is one who has competence, courage, conviction and character.


Residence is a fun place to live, RAs facilitate a good time by planning events and helping to build relationships. This is a great part of the job and one that is often well paired with a sense of creativity.


RAs are busy people, their job can be demanding. In addition to keeping up their grades and balancing a social life, the responsibilities of the RA role require individuals to be well organized. This means the discipline to work hard when required and the time management to get the most out of your day.

Can I be involved in athletics, clubs, student government, and other activities and still be an RA?
RAs are allowed, and even encouraged, to participate in activities outside of the RA position.  However, it is important that the RA understands the time commitment required of the RA position when considering other involvements.  We have had RAs who have excelled in their position while being involved in Pronghorn Athletics, Students’ Union etc.  The RA must be a good time manager in order to do both successfully, but it is definitely possible.  

Problem Solvers

The primary role of an RA is to assist students in being successful in University. There are a myriad of problems and challenges that need to be overcome to do this. Successful candidates are ones who will combine creativity, compassion and determination to find solutions.
Reliable As ambassadors of the U of L, RAs are given a great deal or responsibility and autonomy in their roles. We need to know that individuals will keep calm and collected under pressure and be there when we need them to be.

Team Work

Each RA at the U of L work in 3 sets of functional teams, RAs have a partner, a facility an overall council team. To meet the goals of our students, RAs will need to bring a sense of teamwork and collaboration to this team based position. 


Approximately 3-4 times a month each RA acts as the Residence Assistant on Duty (RAD). RAD shifts start at 4:30 PM and run until 8:30 AM the next morning. The RAD in each facility holds an on-call phone and makes themselves available to assist other residents during the shift. The RAD is a service provided to residents for noise complaints, lock outs and other issues.  The RAD does rounds of the facility during the shift and locks doors and turns off lights etc. The RAD is required to be sober and on campus during the shift. The RAD is not required to stay up all night or to stay in the building at all times. If you have any questions about RAD shifts, ask one of your RAs to let you go with them on rounds one evening.

Can I go home for a weekend? Can I take vacation?
Yes, part of the RAs duty is to build a community in their section and obviously being a strong presence in their area has a direct impact on that success. That said RAs are free to come and go as they please as long as they are present for RAD shifts and are available to their residents. RAs work with their partner’s and their facility teams to ensure proper building coverage.