What can I do if I do not get along with my roommates?

If you are having roommate problems the line of action is as follows:

1. Consult your roommate contract
2. See your RA and ask for mediation
3. If the issue cannot be resolved, then the RA will advise the Res Life Coordinator who will assist with the resolution

Explore all the possibilities before you move. It may be a simple problem that can be solved with some outside help. One tip, don't let problems go too long before you deal with them. If the issue cannot be resolved at all, then a room change may be requested through Housing Services (C420 - University Hall). A Room Change Request form must be completed at Housing Services and a $50.00 processing fee applies.

Room changes are not permitted during the first two or last four weeks of the term. Following the first two weeks of a term, you may request for a room change. 

See Room Change Request Form