Mt. Blakiston House

Please note that Kainai House will be unavailable for accommodations in the 2017/2018 Academic Year as it will be temporarily closed for renovations and improvements.

Due to the temporary closure of Kainai House, Piikani House apartments & a reserved  floor in Mt. Blakiston House apartments will be the available apartment options for New University Students.


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Aperture Park

All bedrooms in Aperture Park are single occupancy.

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Eligibility to live on campus

  1. On campus residence is reserved for students where their permanent address is 100km away or further from the Lethbridge campus.
  2. Students must be enrolled in full-time studies. (9 credits or more per term)   
Mount Blakiston House - Apartments

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Reserved for New University Students & Continuing | Transfer | Mature Students - 2017/2018

4 bedroom Mt. Blakiston House configuration will be the only apartment option for New University Students for the 2017/2018 academic year.   

Mt. Blakiston House apartments including studio and 4 bedroom unit configurations that will be available to Continuing | Transfer | Mature Students.

(4 bedroom apartments have 2 washrooms)

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Newest Continuing | Transfer | Mature Student Building

The newest residence complex in Aperture Park is south of Piikani House and Tsuut'ina House, and across from Residence Village and Paterson Centre.  The facility will feature 259 beds in studio and four-bedroom configurations. All spaces have kitchens and double beds. Several studio rooms are being designed for long term guests and visiting lecturers, there are several accessible suites, and a massive amount of social and study space on site.

A room function list is included, below.

"We identified second and third-year returning students as a priority for this building," says Terri Thomas, Associate Executive Director of Ancillary Services. "We also designed a large number of features into the building that we hope will encourage student interaction and connections. Our residences have always had a long wait list, and this should also help with that challenge."

Thomas adds that with nine study lounges for support of academic pursuits, a games room, exercise centre and a multi-purpose room for club meetings and other activities, the space should see plenty of use. The L-shaped building is centred around a quad-style green space, near a large park and lake. It is also directly across a lane from outdoor amenities that include beach volleyball, basketball courts and other recreational activities. The new facility, in conjunction with the current renovation projects underway, will increase the number of available rooms on campus by more than 60 per cent, from 690 to 947 single beds.

Building Highlights - Click here for room photos and floor plans

  • Five-storey residence complex (four levels on the east wing, five levels on the north wing)
  • The two wings of the building are only connected on the main floor
  • 259 double beds
  • Four-bedroom suite design with two full washrooms, full kitchen and common area in each unit (50 units)
  • Two-bedroom accessibility unit on the main floor
  • Fifth storey studio units
  • Nine study lounges
  • Building lounge
  • Games room
  • A large multi-use project room with the capability of dividing the spacing into three small study spaces
  • Exercise room
  • On-site laundry facilities
  • Outdoor green spaces
  • New office space for Residence Life and Conference Services

Controlling my thermostat in Mt Blakiston House!


  Review the instruction sheet to control the heat in your Mt Blakiston House apartment