Moving Out

 See Furniture Inventories for all residence buildings.  University Hall & Kainai House; Parkway & Coulee View

Move-Out Dates See Important Dates                                               
Late Move-Out All requests must be submitted in writing a minimum of one month prior to the end of the contract

Approvals are subject to availability and authorization, by the Director of Housing Services.

Late move-outs will incur $100 fee for the first night and a daily intersession fee for the following days (equivalent to daily rate for your room). 


Residents are responsible for their own bedrooms, as well as, shared areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and common rooms. See Inspection Checklist. See UofL Recommended Cleaning Supplies

Plan ahead as vacuums are a scarce commodity. If incomplete, you will incur additional expenses; See Damage Repair and Charge-Back Pricing.

Do Not attempt to make your own repairs to walls, etc. This may result in additional costs to you.

Sit down with your roommate(s) and have a conversation about your exam schedule and when you plan to move-out. Write down who will complete each item from the checklist and post it in the common area. Ensure you maintain communication through final exams, especially prior to each person moving out, to ensure that all the cleaning that was agreed to has been completed. 

Take photos of the unit when each person moves out. This way, should a dispute arise or a roommate moves out and leaves a mess, there is evidence of the cleaning that was completed and the state of the unit at that time.

Please remember: if we are forced to charge for cleaning, replacement parts, damage or labour, a $10.00 administration fee will also be assessed to recover office and processing expenses. See Damage Repair Charge-Back Pricing.

Storage areas

Ensure all personal belongings are removed. Be sure to check all storage areas in your suites.

Important Notice:  As of 2016/2017 there will no longer be access to the storage/crawlspace in the basement of Residence Village units.

Mail Redirection

See Ending Mail Service

Return of Keys

All key fobs and mailbox keys must be returned to the Housing Services Office (C420) at the end of contract date. Time of key return to be posted on the Important Dates Calendar.  Should you forget to turn in your keys by the designated time, you will incur late key return charges as explained below. 

Lost keys must be reported to avoid late key return charges.  Once reported lost (prior to end of contract deadline) you will incur Service Charges for Lost Keys and an administration fee will be applied against your Security Deposit.    

Late key return is considered a late move-out.  Late keys will incur $100 fee for the first night and a daily intersession fee for the following days (equivalent to daily rate for your room). 

Please use the key envelope provided in your mailbox to return your residence keys.  If the Housing Office is closed when you are ready to return your keys, please ensure you use the envelope provided or write your name, room number and date of departure on an envelope. 

Deposit the envelope in the "Internal Mail" slot outside of the Housing Services Office (C420) University Hall. 

Do not leave your key in your room, and do not give it to anyone else to return for you.  If you leave your key in your room and it is returned by a Housing Services Employee when it is found, you will incur late key return fees and an administration fee will be applied against your Security Deposit.

Phone Connection and Internet

The Standard IP phone (Emergency Notification System) and Wired Internet service do not need to be cancelled

Secure your living space  As you leave your room for the last time, please ensure that the window is closed and your door is locked.

If you are an international student you must leave all assigned bedding on bed, otherwise it will be assumed to be “missing," resulting in additional costs to you. See Damage Repair Charge-Back Pricing. Shower curtains belonging to Housing Services must be machine-washed and hung to dry. Do not put in dryer.

Security Deposit


Update Your Mailing Address

Change your mailing address on The Bridge before you leave. If you have security deposit credits in Housing, it will be released no later than June 30 and a cheque will be mailed to this address.

International Students

To receive your security deposit refund -The University will complete a wire transfer to your international bank in your home country. (IMPORTANT NOTICE - Your PERMANENT address on the Bridge, MUST match the address you provide your home bank)

Please email with the following information:

·         Student Full Name

·         Student ID Number

·         Name & Address of Bank

·         Bank Number and Transit Number (if possible)

·         Account Number

·         Name of Account Holder if not student’s name

·         Either an ABA Number or a Swift Code Number

International Students staying in Canada

Please update your mailing address on The Bridge. If you have security deposit credits in Housing, it will be released and a cheque will be mailed to your mailing address.

Security Deposit Appeal Process

If you have concerns about the assessed cleaning and/or damage charges, please review our Online Appeal Process and submit an online appeal. Any charges assessed will stand, until formally overturned through the appeal process. Only online appeals will be considered.

Submit an Online Security Deposit Appeal