Family Student Cancellations

Cancellation Before Move-In

Once you have paid your security deposit (equal to one month's rent) and signed your offer you are now subject to the cancellation fee if you are to cancel. The cancellation fee is equal to the security deposit

Cancellation After Move-In

1. Provide Housing with written notice

Must be completed and received by Housing Services on or before the last business day of the previous month to make the notice effective for the last day of the following month.

Notice provided after the last business day of the month shall not be effective until the end of the following month.

2. If withdrawing from the University, provide documentation from Registrar's Office

Students withdrawing from the university mid-semester are required to provide notice as soon as they are aware that they are withdrawing.

Withdrawing students are to follow the normal move out procedures.

3. Cancellation Fee will apply

Cancellation fee equal to one month's rent is assessed for breaking the contract.

Charge applies in all instances, whether the student cancels his or her residency or the Housing Office initiates the cancellation.


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