Duties of an RA

Duties and Responsibilities of Residence Assistants

An RA:

  • Maintains conditions of relative personal safety and security for students in our Residence
  • Actively promotes a sense of community within Residence
  • Enforces the rules and regulations in Residence
  • Assists with check-ins, and other office related duties
  • Responds to complaints and acts as an initial arbitrator in student disputes
  • Assists Campus Security as required
  • Assists in the orderly evacuations of Residence during fire alarms
  • Provides emergency first aid as required. All RA's are certified in Standard First Aid.
  • Assists students with problems by referring them to the appropriate agency or services
  • Acts as a positive role model for students in Residence.
  • Assists in presenting a positive image of Residence and contributes in marketing efforts of the facilities
  • Reports problems, damage, etc., to Housing Services and assists in determining the cause
  • Serves as the "discipline committee" when requested by Housing Management
  • Works as RA on Duty (RAD) as assigned, outside of Housing Services regular office hours.

As Resident Assistant on Duty (RAD)

  • Be available and "on call" during the evenings and weekends of "assigned" duty.
  • Respond to after hour problems, assess situations and take action as necessary to alleviate or mitigate problems
  • Tour the facility on a routine basis during the shift
  • Dispense equipment as required (vacuums, mops, etc.)
  • Control use and access to student storage rooms in University Hall.

Please remember, your RA is here to help you and your fellow residents as much as they can. However, your RA is also a student, and so they cannot always be available to lend a helping hand in a tough situation. If, for any reason, you are not able to get into contact with your RA and you need some kind of assistance please contact the RAD.

U-Hall RAD / Parkway RAD / Coulee View RAD - RAD numbers are displayed throughout residence. Residents are encouraged to note their facility’s RAD number by writing it down or saving it in their phone. 

Your facility RAD is there for any situation. They can be reached at any time of day on weekends and after 4:30 on weekedays.  Please call them if your floor or section RA is unavailable and you are in need of some kind of assistance.