Faculty Supervisors

As with other M.Sc. programs within the University, students must identify a potential supervisor before they can apply to the program. To do this, students should contact potential supervisors directly (see links below). Supervisors are assigned to students based on a number of criteria, including areas of research expertise, familiarity with research methodologies, and availability to supervise students. Currently, faculty available to supervise M.Sc. students include:

-          Dr. Olu Awosoga
-          Dr. Darren Christensen
-          Dr. Cheryl Currie
-          Dr. Brad Hagen
-          Dr. Jean Harrowing
-          Dr. Bonnie Lee
-          Dr. James Sanders
-          Dr. Monique Sedgwick
-          Dr. Shannon Spenceley
-          Dr. Claudia Steinke
-          Dr. Gary Tzu
-          Dr. Robert Williams
-          Dr. Chad Witcher

Once a supervisor has been arranged -- and once the student has been successfully admitted into the M.Sc. program -- the supervisor (in consultation with the student) will arrange for two other faculty to serve as thesis committee members. One of these faculty members will be from the Faculty of Health Sciences and the other will be external to the Faculty of Health Sciences (e.g., sociology, management, psychology, anthropology, etc., depending on the potential thesis topic.)

Upon successful oral defense of the thesis, the M.Sc. degree will be designated as a Master of Science in Nursing, Addictions Counselling, or Health Sciences (depending on the student’s background and thesis topic.)

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