Scholarships & Awards

During 2014, 270 students within the Faculty of Health Sciences received scholarships totalling $416,646! The average amount received for each scholarship/award was $1,272!

There are a number of awards and scholarships available exclusively to students in the Faculty of Health Sciences. For more information on application deadlines and eligibility, please see the Awards and Scholarships section University of Lethbridge Calendar.

Students must complete the Scholarship Application on
The Bridge to be considered for scholarships and awards.

Awards available for ALL Health Sciences students
Faculty of Health Sciences Entrance and Relocation Scholarship
Value: $1,000 entrance; $500 relocation; $500 continuing second-year Public Health majors
New Sun - Joy Harvie Maclaren Award in Health Sciences
Value: $5,000
Health Sciences Award of Excellence
Value: $500 Number: Variable
Helen Morgan Community Health Book Award
Value: A textbook on Gerontology or Community Health
Charlotte Gregory Memorial Scholarship
Value: $600
Henry Bergen - GEN Manufacturing Ltd. Award
Value: $500
Vincent Menard Memorial Scholarship
Value: $500
Frank M. and Lila Linn Thompson Prize 
Value: $1,700
Awards available for Addictions Counselling majors
AADAC Addictions Counselling Bursary
Value: $2,500
Alberta Blue Cross 50th Anniversary Health Sciences Award
Value: $1,250
Southern Alcare Manor Award in Addictions Counselling
Value: $1,000


Awards available for Public Health majors
Public Health Travel Award
Value: $1,000
Awards available for Bachelor of Nursing students at the University of Lethbridge
AstraZeneca Aboriginal Nursing Award
Value: $2,000 Number: Three
"For the Love of It" Award for Nursing Excellence
Value: $2,000
Frank M. and Lila Linn Thompson Scholarship for Part-Time Studies in Nursing
Value: $600, Number: One to five
(Robert) and Mildred Shackleford Award
Value: $1,000
CAT Award - Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing
Value: $500
Florence Ruff Memorial Award
Value: $500, Number: One
Margaret Elliot McNally (Thomson) Graduate Studies Scholarship
Value: Variable, up to $5,000
Ronald B. Coleman Scholarship in Palliative Care
Value: $500
The Joe Ghert Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
Value: $1,800
Penny Anne Turner Memorial Scholarship (Nominate one of your peers!)
Value: $500
University of Lethbridge Alumni Association Scholarship in Nursing
Value: $1,000
Frank M. and Lila Linn Thompson Nursing Scholarship
Value: $1,200
Bob, Carolyn, and Jeff Neilson Memorial Bursary in Nursing
Value: $500
Marie Sandham Award
Value: $1,000
 Awards available from Lethbridge College for students in our collaborative programs
Bigelow-Fowler Clinic Scholarship
Value: $250; Number: One
Black Velvet Distilling Company Scholarship - Nursing
Value: $500; Number: One
Campbell Clinic Scholarship
Value: $300; Number: One
Dr. Bill Harrison Memorial Award
Value: $500; Number: One
Frank M. & Lila Linn Thompson Scholarships
Value: $1000; Number: Five
Galt School of Nursing Alumnae Award
Value: $300; Number: One
Haig Clinic General Proficiency Award
Value: $300; Number: One
Sigurd E. Hansen Scholarship
Value: $2000; Number: Two
St. Michael's Nurses Alumni Award
Value: $200 Number: One
The Bev Bruce Award
Value: $500; Number: One

There are also a number of scholarships available to University of Lethbridge students, regardless of Faculty. For a full list of scholarships and awards available, please see the Awards and Scholarships section of the U of L Calendar.

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