Independent Study

Independent Study Definition
A course for which credit is earned through individual study under the supervision of an instructor. This option may be elected as early as the second semester or as late as the last, depending upon the capability of the student for undertaking academic work with a minimum of guidance. Independent Studies in the Faculty of Health Sciences may have the course numbers of ADCS/HLSC/NURS/PUBH 2990/3990/4990.

If you wish to do an Independent Study and already have a particular area of interest in mind, you should contact an instructor who also has interest and experise in that field. Together, you and your instructor (who will become the Independent Study supervisor) will devise a set of course requirements on which you will be graded. The course requirements will vary depending on the nature of your proposed topic. Course work may require library and/or field research and/or a major term paper. You can pick up an Independent Study form from the Registrar's Office (SU140) or from your academic advisor. This form will need to be completed by you and your supervisor and then returned to your academic advisor for approval.

Important Notes

-Since the purpose of an Independent Study is to expand a student's program beyond the limits of the regular curriculum, it may not normally be used to duplicate course offerings and should be undertaken only in areas not covered by courses in the curricula.

-No student shall receive credit for more than three Independent Studies in the program.

-Formal registration occurs after approval of the supervising instructor, academic advisor, and the Dean. Credit for Independent Study is at the discretion of the Faculty of Health Sciences upon recommendation of the instructor.

-An Independent Study is worth 3.0 credit hours and follows the standard grading mode (letter grade).

Check out the Independent Study Guide or contact an academic advisor.

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