Brad Hagen

Bradley Hagen

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Office: M3055

Preferred Method of Contact: Email or Phone
Languages: English




- Gerontology (care of older persons, gerontological nursing, etc.)
- Aspects of care of older persons in assisted living and/or long-term care facilities
- Counselling, particularly as it relates to counselling for mental health, addictions, and/or trauma issues
- Counselling and/or mental health nursing approaches that utilize a variety of strength-based approaches, such as feminist therapy, narrative therapy, Gestalt therapy, existential therapy, solution focused therapy, trauma therapy, and so forth.
- Many issues related to mental health and/or addictions, but particularly:
    o Non-traditional and/or critical approaches to traditional mental health and/or psychiatric care
    o Hearing voices and/or psychosis as a normal and potentially transformative experience
    o Feminist and/or critical social theory/constructivist approaches to mental health and mental health care
    o Inappropriate and/or overuse of psychotropic/psychiatric medications, particularly antidepressants and antipsychotics
    o People’s experience with the traditional mental health system and treatments and/or alternatives to the traditional mental health system (e.g., peer support, ‘safe’ havens, use of alternative healing methods to deal with mental health issues (yoga, spiritual practices, exercise, counselling, etc.)
    o Addictions, particularly the use of addictions as a way of trying to cope with emotional pain and/or trauma
- Interested in both qualitative and quantitative research methods


-    B.Sc. (Psychology), The University of Lethbridge
-    M.Sc. (Nursing), McGill University
-    M.Sc. (Counselling Psychology), The University of Calgary
-    Ph.D.  (Nursing), The University of Victoria

-    Registered Nurse
-    Registered Psychologist

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