Frequently Asked Questions - Practicum in Therapeutic Recreation

Q: When is a student eligible for the practicum course?
A: An acceptable practicum must be completed after all required therapeutic recreation, support, and elective coursework is completed.

Q: How long is the practicum?
A: The practicum experience will take place over a 15-week period. The total minimum number of required hours is 560.

Q: How do students select their practicum sites?
A: With the assistance of the academic supervisor, students will select potential practicum sites and make initial contact with the agency. Once a practicum agreement is complete, the student submits the agreement form to the academic supervisor for final approval.

Q: When may students look for practicum sites?
A: Students are encouraged to begin researching possible practicum sites a year before you are enrolled in TREC 4550.

Q: Who qualifies as a site/agency supervisor?
A: According to NCTRC, an acceptable practicum must have one (1) identified primary supervisor. The primary supervisor is responsible for working with the student on a consistent basis, coordinates all other secondary supervision and completes all evaluation materials and weekly reports pertaining to the practicum experience. Individuals must have had their CTRS credential for one year minimum to supervise. You can go to and place the supervisor’s last name there and see if they have had their credential for one year.

Q: Can students get paid for their practicum?
A: Typically the practicum is unpaid. The agency is not required to arrange living quarters for students or defray student living expenses while they are engaged in the practicum; however, there are some that may partially cover expenses or allow for a stipend to be given to the student.

Q: How will students be evaluated and graded?
A: Students will receive a pass/fail upon completion of their practicum experience. The grade will be based on the agency supervisor’s evaluation and satisfactory completion of assignments. Students are required to achieve a minimum final grade of 70% in order to attain credit for TREC 4550.

Q: Can I get a reduced rate for my police record check?
A: Students can complete this form and take it to M3083 to be signed to be eligible for a reduced rate.