Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How is my graduation GPA calculated?
A - The graduation grade point average (GPA) in the Faculty of Health Sciences is calculated using the grade point average from all gradable courses used to meet program requirements; this includes courses taken at the U of L, courses completed at Lethbridge College (in the collaborative nursing programs), and transfer courses from other institutions. Only courses used to meet degree requirements will be used in this calculation (any extra courses that aren't required for your program are not calculated into your graduation GPA). Please refer to Part 10 of the Calendar (from the year you entered the program) for a complete listing of courses required for each program. Please note that students in the collaborative Nursing program or students who have received transfer credit from another institution often have a significantly different graduation GPA than the cumulative GPA displayed on the U of L transcript. Use our GPA calculation templates to easliy calculate your Graduation GPA.

Q - How do I register in courses?
A - Students can check assigned registration dates and add/drop classes on the Bridge.

Q - I'm just starting the B.N. program, do I register in courses at the U of L?
A - Students in the collaborative B.N. program complete their first two years at Lethbridge College. The Lethbridge College Admissions office provides students with a letter containing information on how to log in to see their (pre-registered) class schedules. Further questions regarding registration in courses during the first two years of the program can be directed to Lethbridge College Academic Advising at 403-320-3322 or

Q - Does the U of L offer online courses?
A - There are only a few courses offered online and any course section that is taught online will have "OL" as the section (rather than A, B, C, etc.). The Faculty of Health Sciences regularly offers three summer online courses. The Faculties of Management and Fine Arts also have limited online course offerings throughout the year. Check the timetable for these listings.

Q - What does "GLER" mean?
A - GLER stands for General Liberal Education Requirement which is a 12-course requirement for all undergraduate students at the U of L. The Program Planning Guides for Faculty of Health Sciences programs include regular program requirements and GLER requirements.

Q - What is the minimum GPA I need in the Faculty of Health Sciences?
A - To remain in good standing, in their first ten courses, students need to maintain a GPA of 1.70 in all courses and a combined GPA of 2.00 in Health Sciences/Public Health/Nursing courses. Students who have taken 11-20 courses need to have a GPA of 1.85 in all courses and a combined GPA of 2.30 in Health Sciences/Public Health/Nursing courses. Students who have taken 21-40 courses need to have a GPA of 2.00 in all courses and a combined GPA of 2.50 in Health Sciences/Public Health/Nursing courses.

Q - What should I do if one of the HLSC/PUBH courses I require for my degree is full?
A - Most courses within the Faculty of Health Sciences are reserved for students who require the courses for their degrees. If a HLSC/PUBH/NURS course you need for your degree requirements is full, send an email (from your U of L account) to clearly stating: 1) your ID number; 2) the course name, number, CRN; and 3) the number and CRN for any accompanying labs.

Q - A HLSC/PUBH/NURS course I would like to take is reserved, is there any way I can take the class? Can I be put on a waitlist?
A - If courses are full at the time of your registration, please continue to monitor the situation online to see if any spaces become available. We are unable to predict when or if room will open up, but students do drop out, especially during the first few days of classes so spaces may become available anytime. The Faculty of Health Sciences does not typically waitlist for courses so students are advised to just keep trying to register on the Bridge and hopefully space will become available.

Q - Can I take a class through another university that will count towards my degree requirements?
A - Only under extenuating circumstances may students in the Faculty of Health Sciences obtain special permission to study at another university to receive credit at the U of L for any course(s) taken on another campus. Permission must be obtained before enrolment at the other university. Contact the appropriate Advisor in Health Sciences for more information.

Q - Can I take a class if I don't have the prerequisite?
A - Students may receive a prerequisite waiver for a Health Sciences, Public Health or Nursing course by obtaining authorization from both the instructor of the course and an academic advisor within the Faculty of Health Sciences. Students must complete a Prerequisite Waiver form.

Q - How much does it cost each semester to attend the U of L?
A - You can view an example calculated for one semester’s fees on by selecting the type of student and then clicking on the "Tuition, scholarships and living" link from the menu at the left. The most current university fees are listed in the academic Calendar.

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