Concentration Selection

Public Health majors can choose between three broad areas of focus: Applied Public Health Practice, Health Policy and Promotion, and Public Health Administration.

Admitted students can contact the Academic Advisor by emailing to declare/change their concentration. More information on the types of jobs available for different concentration areas can be found below. 

Applied Public Health
This concentration provides a focus on health promotion and disease/injury prevention and working with individuals, groups or subpopulations (e.g., school health, women and men’s health, and Aboriginal health). Health promotion program development, and applied public health research would also fit within this focus. Job titles may include:

-Health Educator 
-Health Promotion Specialist 
  --Aboriginal Health
  --Senior’s Health
  --Women’s Health or Men’s Health
Students taking this concentration are encouraged to take additional course work on individual and family health through their options classes.

Health Policy & Promotion
This concentration provides a focus on health promotion, disease and injury prevention at a population level as well a focus on healthy communities and healthy public policy. Health assessment, surveillance, program development, evaluation, community development, harm reduction, global health and population health research would also fit within this focus area.  Job titles may include:

-Health Promotion Specialist
  --Healthy Communities/Population Health
  --Chronic Disease Prevention 
-Community Development Facilitator
-Public Health Information Analyst
-Health Policy Analyst

Public Health Administration 
This concentration focuses on public health and project administration, management of health information, economics, financial management, public administration, health/social policy and social marketing. Research in the areas of program evaluation and global health governance would also fit within this focus area. Job titles may include:

-Health Promotion Project Management
-Research Assistant

For a more in-depth look at the role stories of a diverse range of Public Health professionals, check out the Ontario Public Health Association's "Inside the life of a..." articles.

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