Required Courses for Therapeutic Recreation

A list of required courses and a suggested course sequence plan can also be found in the Program Planning Guide.

Year 1 - Fall Semester (Sep-Dec))
Health Sciences 1170 - Human Development Across the Lifespan
Therapeutic Recreation 3000 - Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation
Therapeutic Recreation 3100 - Program Planning in Therapeutic Recreation
Therapeutic Recreation 3200 - Intro. to Rec. & Leisure: Across the Life Course
Health Sciences 3150 - Abnormal Psychology

Year 1 - Spring Semester (Jan-Apr)
Health Sciences 1060 - Human Anatomy and Physiology
Therapeutic Recreation 3300 - Processes & Techniques in Therapeutic Rec.
Therapeutic Recreation 3500 - Therapeutic Recreation for Special Populations
Therapeutic Recreation 4100 - Research Design in Therapeutic Recreation
'One of:' List course (see below)

Year 2 - Fall Semester (Sep-Dec)
Therapeutic Recreation 3400 - Facilitation in Therapeutic Recreation
Therapeutic Recreation 4000 - Issues and Trends in Therapeutic Recreation
Therapeutic Recreation 4200 - Administration in Therapeutic Recreation
'Two of' List course (see below)
'Two of' List course (see below)

Year 2 - Spring Semester (Jan-Apr)
Therapeutic Recreation 4550 - Practicum in Therapeutic Rec. (15.0 credit hours)

'One of' List Courses:
Health Sciences 2450/History 2450 - Evolution of Health and Illness Care
Health Sciences 4500/Fine Arts 4500 - Global Health, Fine Arts, and Social Change
Health Sciences 3560/History 3560 - History of Nursing: Women and Care of the Sick
Kinesiology 2130 - Humanities Perspectives
Philosophy 2001 - Introduction to Ethics

'Two of' List Courses:
Health Sciences 2600/Women and Gender Studies 2100 - Women and Health
Health Sciences 2700/Sociology 2700 - Health and Society
Health Sciences 3500 - Information in Health Care
Health Sciences 3510 - Program Planning and Evaluation
Health Sciences 3570/Psychology 3570 - Contemporary Issues in Mental Health
Health Sciences 3750 - Addictions and Youth
Health Sciences 3800 - Teaching and Learning for Health Professions
Health Sciences 3860 - Men's Health
Kinesiology 2140 - Psychological Perspectives
Kinesiology 2150 - Sociological Perspectives

NOTE: Some 'One of' and 'Two of' list courses may be initially reserved for students in other programs, and may not be offered in all terms.

Online students will follow the course sequencing below: