Nursing Preparation Program (formerly Pre-Nursing Pathway)

This program provides students with a number of pathways towards a successful academic career. Students who did not receive an offer of admission to the Bachelor of Nursing program can work to improve their application status by taking courses that fulfill non-nursing requirements in the B.N. program while at the same time taking a suite of courses that prepares them for almost any degree program offered at the University of Lethbridge. Students who choose this preparation program, and who complete a non-Nursing degree, will also be eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Nursing After Degree program.

Acceptance into the Nursing Preparation Program does not guarantee admission into the B.N. program at the University of Lethbridge.

For more information on the Nursing Preparation Program, please refer to this Program Planning Guide.

Courses offered as part of the Nursing Preparation Program may include (these are suggestions only; not all courses are required):

Chemistry 0500 - Introduction to Modern Chemistry
Health Sciences 1010 - Personal Health and Wellness
Health Sciences 1170 - Human Development Across the Lifespan

Health Sciences 2400 - Medical Microbiology
Kinesiology/Health Sciences 1160 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Kinesiology/Health Sciences 1161 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Mathematics 0500 - Essential Mathematics
Philosophy 1000 - Introduction to Philosophy
Psychology 1000 - Basic Concepts of Psychology
Sociology 1000 - Introduction to Sociology
Writing 1000 - Introduction to Academic Writing

• Up to two 'Fine Arts and Humanities' courses (e.g. MUSI 1000, NAS 1000, AGST 1000, ARHI 1000, FREN 1000, RELS 1000, DRAM 1000, JPNS 1000, NMED 1000, BKFT 1000)
• A 'Social Science' course (e.g. ANTH 1000, KNES 1000, WGST 1000, GEOG 1200, POLI 1000, ASIA 1000, ARKY 1000)

Health Sciences 3450 (for those preparing for B.N. After Degree program)

Fees are assessed per course each term. Please see Part 3 Fees of the U of L Calendar.

Refer to for the list of courses which may be substituted in the Bachelor of Nursing program.

Students should see a Student Program Advisor in the Faculty of Health Sciences for program planning prior to course registration.

The admission policies and procedures set out in Part 1 - Admissions of the U of L Calendar apply.