Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Renewal Process:

For Doctoral Awards, you must submit an Annual Progress Report in order for you next year of funding to be put into place. This report should be submitted to the Graduate Award Advisor prior to the anniversary of your scholarship to ensure there is no disruption to your payments.

New Applications

Over the past year the three federal granting agencies (NSERC, SSHRC & CIHR) launched the initiative to harmonise the CGS program. To meet the objectives of the Tri-Agency CGS Harmonisation Project the following changes are planned:

Application process

  • A single application portal for all students is to be created and hosted on the NSERC/SSHRC Grants Management System.
  • Application forms, program policies (such as eligibility policies) and post-award practices are being reviewed and harmonized.
  • The Canadian Common CV is being adopted for CGS applications.
  • The three agencies are adopting the co-management model of administration and review of CGS applications with universities.
  • Research training objectives have been harmonized, and a single set of guidelines for the review process at the institutions and at the agencies is being implemented.


Selection process for CGS master’s students

  • Under this model, students will submit applications to the CGS program via the NSERC/SSHRC Research Portal. The agencies will make the proposals available to up to five of the institution(s) to which the applicant intends to apply for admission for his or her master’s studies (incoming model).
  • The agencies are developing a harmonized application form for use by institutions/applicants.
  • The selection process will move from a two-stage process to a one-stage process. The institution(s) receiving the CGS applications will manage the selection process and award the CGS scholarships (the agencies will no longer conduct centralized, national selection processes for the master’s program).
  • The universities will receive an allocation of CGS master’s awards, by agency, based on the current average distribution of the number of awards held at each institution (location of tenure of awards) over the past three years. The allocation will be in effect for the next three years.


Harmonized doctoral program

Changes to the CGS doctoral program will include a harmonized policy framework, and application and review processes at the national level. Institutions will submit applications within a quota, and the final selection of award winners will be made by the agencies following a national competition. The process will include:

  • The creation of a single application form and portal for all students, to be hosted on NSERC/SSHRC Research Portal;
  • Harmonized eligibility and selection criteria;
  • The adoption of the Canadian Common CV as part of the application;
  • The adoption of the co-management model of administration and review of CGS applications with universities for all applicants;
  • A review the quota system currently in place for the doctoral program by 2014.

Administrative changes

  • Provide institutional grants to universities for CGS master’s awards distribution.
  • Delegate the subject-matter eligibility screening to post-secondary institutions in the case of the master’s component and remove all structural barriers currently in place at the agencies for the doctoral component.
  • Create a national deadline for the submission of applications.
  • Create a national deadline for the announcement of competition results.
  • Streamline the post-award follow-up and transactions by working directly with institutions.
  • Adopt a nimble tri-agency program governance structure that focuses on continuous harmonized improvements, while respecting the legislated autonomies of the agencies.


For further information please visit the Tri-Agency Harmonisation webpage

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