We are recruting students to our program. Detailed information about the AMETHYST Program here

The acronyms:

NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council);

CREATE (Collaborative Research and Training Experience);

AMETHYST (Advanced Methods, Education and Training in Hyperspectral Science and Technology).

The AMETHYST program is based on five key components: 1. Multiple education levels, 2. Blended learning environments, 3. Professional skill development, 4. Interdisciplinary Partners, 5. Defined programming outcomes (Figure 1).  The proposed program will prepare trainees for the highly interdisciplinary nature of modern imaging S&T and will facilitate the transition of trainees into the workforce by providing them with collaborative and integrative educational experiences in interdisciplinary multi-sector contexts.  We have called this approach the AMETHYST Pathways Program which is based on an coaching model, where students are given opportunities to explore a range of available options and learn directly from experts in a variety of settings (academic, government, and industrial).  This exposure is the key to ensuring that our program produces motivated and highly qualified personnel, ready to succeed in the expanding arena of imaging S&T.

Graduate Pathways: Internship in Hyperspectral Science and Technology

AMETHYST post-graduate trainees will broaden their horizons in one or more partner laboratories, with internship opportunities in both computational studies and in the use of the specialized instruments and techniques.  When the regulations of the institutions involved permit, our trainees will be offered the possibility of obtaining an international, jointly-supervised graduate degree granted as a result of studies at two or more participating institutions.

Graduate Pathways: Internships in detail

Graduate students involved in our AMETHYST Pathways Program will hold NSERC Post-Graduate Scholarships, Alberta Ingenuity Graduate Student Scholarships, or UL Graduate Scholarships.  Graduate students involved in the AMETHYST program will be awarded a short-term internship.  The goal of this internship will be to provide the student with a training experience directly related to their graduate research.  This internship could be hosted by government, industry or university laboratories and would provide additional networking and important skill development for our students.  Students at the master’s level would be awarded a single internship, while Ph.D. students would receive two research internships.  As many of the students at the graduate level would be joining the AMETHYST program for the first time, the skills and technical workshops would also be available as well as the formulation of a professional development strategy and plan for each student.

AMETHYST will facilitate the participation of graduate students in national and international conferences and meetings that will allow them to validate their work, establish research networks, and develop skills for both research presentations and science presentations to non-scientists. Due to the wide variety of research activities covered by the AMETHYST core team members, the graduate students will benefit from the transfer of knowledge and expertise between interdisciplinary research groups.  AMETHYST graduate students will be involved directly in the research dissemination process to develop and enhance their verbal communication and scientific writing skills.  These opportunities will include conferences, specialist meetings, and AMETHYST workshops.

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