Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada Studentship

Program Objective

The Studentship Program is intended to support research for training students in studies related to multiple sclerosis (MS). The studentships serve to attract and retain young trainees early in their academic and clinical research careers (in fields such as epidemiology, outcomes research, health economics, monitoring of disease activity and treatment, susceptibility to MS-including genetic, gender-related, and other factors, health care delivery/policy, cognitive, psychosocial and rehabilitation research aimed at improving quality of life research studies) and will support training in the field of MS.

  • Mechanisms of Support

    1. The studentship program should emphasize opportunities for research/clinical training and broadening scientific understanding of MS for the Awardee. There are two streams of research, biomedical (BM) and clinical and population health (CPH).
    2. *Starting this year only CPH Masters Studentships will be offered; new BM Masters Studentships are no longer available. Only those who hold a Masters BM Studentship are eligible for a one year renewal
    3. The Studentship Awards are 1 year in length with an opportunity to be renewed for up to 3 years. In order to be considered for a renewal a renewal application must be submitted each year.
    4. Value of the Awards:
    5. Masters Studentship Awards (*Clinical and Population Health only): $18,000/yr
    • PhD Studentship Awards: $20,000/yr
    • PhD Studentship Awards (for those who hold an MD): $48,500/yr


  • Program Eligibility

    1. In order to apply for this award, applicants must:
    2. Those who are working towards a Masters, PhD or related degrees pertaining to research in MS.
    • Enrolled in graduate training at a Canadian institution; or those interested in studying abroad must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
    • Studentships must be held in a recognized institution; and responsible to an appropriate supervisor who is in a field relevant to MS.
  • Online Application, Information and instructions can be found here.

    Important Dates

    • Agency Deadline: October 1, 11:59p.m. EST
    • Anticipated Notice of Decision: March 1
    • Funding Start Date: July 1

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