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Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 17:20 - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 17:20


Program News:
2012 Competition Timelines
• August 2011: Posting of updated program literature on the Vanier website
• August 2011: Activation of ResearchNet (electronic application system) and posting of instructions for completing the ResearchNet application form
• November 9, 2011 (8pm EST): University deadline for submitting nominations to the granting agencies
• April 2012: Communication of results to nominees

NEW—Revised adjudication process
For future competitions, the adjudication of the Vanier CGS nominations will be done in a single-step. The “leadership” aspect of the nominations will no longer be evaluated by the Selection Board, However, the Board will maintain its role in program and peer review oversight and provide important policy and strategic advice to the Steering Committee. The agency-specific Vanier CGS Selection Committees will continue to score and rank the applications against all three evaluation criteria (academic excellence, research potential, and leadership). Each selection committee will recommend to the Selection Board, for endorsement, the top 55 or 56 most meritorious candidates (for a total of 166 or 167 candidates among all three granting agencies). The Steering Committee, to be made up of the Presidents of the three federal granting agencies, and the Deputy Ministers of Industry Canada and Health Canada, will then make the final decisions about the recommendations for Vanier CGS awards.

NEW—The granting agencies’ obligations under the Official Languages Act
Under the Official Languages Act, federal institutions, including SSHRC, NSERC, and CIHR, must ensure respect for the rights of individual Canadians to receive services from federal institutions and organizations that provide services on their behalf, in the official language of their choice.
As partners in the co-delivery of the Vanier CGS program, universities must respect the Act in the management of their internal selection processes. For the full text of the Official Languages Act, please visit

REMINDER—International Recruitment
In keeping with the program’s aim to attract students to Canada, we encourage you to continue to strengthen your efforts to recruit new foreign candidates to your respective institutions. Your collaboration is essential in achieving the goal of building strong brand recognition for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships program as one of the world’s most valuable, prestigious and sought-after doctoral scholarships. By attracting international doctoral students to Canadian universities, we will enrich our campuses now and into the future.

REVISED—Student Mobility
To help students benefit from diverse experiences and research environments, we also encourage you to support the mobility of all nominees. Students should be encouraged to pursue their doctoral studies at institutions different than those where they completed a previous degree, in order to broaden research horizons and seek new challenges.
Candidates who are nominated by a university at which they have completed a previous degree will be asked to provide a compelling rationale, in the Special Circumstances section, as to why they have chosen to remain or return.
In the Institutional Nomination Letter, the university will be required to provide an explanation of how their choice of candidate respects the recruitment objectives of the Vanier CGS program. In the event that a university nominates a candidate who has completed a previous degree at their institution, the university must provide a compelling rationale for why it is in the candidate’s best interest to stay at or return to the same university.

REMINDER—Funding and adjudication, Agency Mandate
The candidate’s proposed research project and doctoral program of study must be eligible within the mandate of the agency to which the nomination will be submitted. If in doubt, universities and applicants must consult with the agencies in advance of submitting the nomination. This particularly applies to nominations involving interdisciplinary fields of research, or research areas that span the mandates of two or more of the federal research granting agencies. Guidelines related to mandate are available on the following website:

REVISED—University Allocations
The three-year university allocations have been updated to reflect their use in the 2011 competition. The list reflects the portion of allocations that remain to be used in the 2012 competition.

Since this is the final year of the first set of 3-year allocations, the new set of allocations will be calculated in the coming year and will be shared with the universities. Remaining allocations will not be factored into this calculation.


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Tuesday, August 30, 2011
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