How To Submit


For the purposes of the competition "image" can include multiple formats including photographs, digital rendering, x-rays, creative expression, microscopic images, computer models, and so on. All images must be still, unfortunately videos cannot be accepted that this time.


The Images of Research Competition is currently open to all registered graduate students in good standing (master’s and doctoral levels) at uLethbridge. Only one submission per person will be accepted.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. To enter, each image must be accompanied by a completed entry form (including any applicable releases), a captivating title and a 150 word abstract. Your abstract should be accessible to the general public, explaining in plain language, free of jargon, what your image depicts and how it relates to your research.
  2. All entries must be received by Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 by 4:30 pm. Late Entries will not be accepted. Entries can be sent to .
  3. Each competitor may only submit one (1) image, which must be generated as a result of research conducted at uLethbrige in your current program (Master, PhD). Stock images or images downloaded from the internet will not be accepted.
  4. Photos featuring nudity or illicit/illegal activities will not be accepted. Judges reserve the right to disqualify any images deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for publication.
  5. Collaged images, or images comprised of someone else’s images in a grouping are not permitted. Entries must contain only one image.
  6. Please submit your image as a JPG file only. Image quality must be at least 300 dpi. Other file formats will not be accepted. Digital files are required for competition displays on campus. Alternative arrangements can be made by contacting if required.
  7. Images may be full colour or black and white.
  8. If your Image is shortlisted you must be able to attend the Meeting of the Minds Conference on Friday March 23rd at approximately 7:00 pm and be willing to participate in future promotional activities.
  9. The decisions of the judge’s panel and ballot counters are final.


To be considered complete images must be accompanied by:

1. A completed, signed Entry Form.

2. 150 word abstract.

3. Any associated releases required for any identifiable persons in the image.

For full competition details please read the competition Terms of Reference.