Meeting of the Minds Graduate Journal First Edition Now Available

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

In 2016 as part of a collaboration with the Centre for Scholarly Communication's Journal Incubator, the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) established a student-edited journal. The Meeting of the Minds Graduate Journal has just published its first issue, containing seven articles from a variety of disciplines. The inaugural issue features submissions from the Departments of History, Kinesiology, Anthropology, and Geography. Each of these articles is permanently archived (with DOIs) at Zenodo, the European Union's digital repository. You can access the articles via the journal's home page or directly via Zenodo.

The Journal is a biannual open-access peer-reviewed graduate academic journal sponsored by the University of Lethbridge's GSA. It serves as a scholarly forum for graduate students at the University of Lethbridge to share and critically discuss their research. Meeting of the Minds Graduate Journal is committed to critical investigation of mainstream and outlying thought as well as publishing results, processes, and methods. Its goal is to advance and extend the reach of academic research and study. It is intended to function as a method of inquiry, as well as an instigator of collegial thought, and as an intellectual and political project.

The Meeting of the Minds Graduate Journal provides an opportunity for students to learn about publication, adjudication, and refereeing in a supportive atmosphere and to gain experience with the demands of professional publication in a relatively speedy forum. Because it is interdisciplinary, the journal does not have a fixed journal style for citation, format, or layout. In each case, it uses the standards of the discipline in which the contribution is situated and the editorial team adapts their practices to the submissions they receive.

The student editors have also issued a submission call for a second issue. This edition will focus on presentations given at the Meeting of the Minds Conference (March 17-18, 2017), although other submissions are also welcome. The closing date for submissions is May 1, 2017. Submission guidelines can be found on the Meeting of the Minds Graduate Student Journal webpage.