Intellectual Property Guidelines

Monday, January 16, 2017

The School or Graduate Studies, in consultation with the Graduate Students’ Association and the Office of General Counsel, has prepared an Intellectual Property Guidelines document for supervisors and graduate students.

The purpose of the guidelines is to provide a framework for application by graduate students and their supervisors when contemplating and addressing the varied issues associated with intellectual property (IP) that arise in the graduate education context at the University. Also included are two additional reference tools: (1) the Intellectual Property Awareness form and (2) the Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement for Graduate Students. Both are intended to aid and facilitate IP-related discussions that may arise.

Graduate students at the University of Lethbridge should familiarize themselves with these general IP guidelines at the start of their research program and during their graduate education. All graduate students and supervisors are also encouraged to complete the Intellectual Property Awareness form at the start of a student's graduate program and to keep a copy of the completed form for future reference.

Note that these guidelines are not intended to replace consultation with the School of Graduate Studies, the Office of Research and Innovation Services or independent legal advice on the issues covered within the document and associated reference tools.

To learn more about the IP guidelines and to access the full document and reference tools, see our Intellectual Property Guidelines page.

If you have additional questions regarding the IP documentation, please contact the School of Graduate Studies.