Counselling & Career Services Weekly Events

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Check out the weekly events put on by Counselling & Career Services:

Room to Breathe

Drop In: AH158

Forget about the future or the past for an hour. Slow down and embrace the present. In Room to Breathe you will learn how to ground yourself with mindfulness meditation and various breathing techniques. Students who develop a regular practice of mindfulness can expect to improve their sleep, mood, self-awareness, focus and personal interactions.

Yoga for Mental Wellness


Drop In: AH100

University is a time of great transition and finding balance can become a challenge. When our body, mind and spirit fall out of balance, we can experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. We may experience negative chatter in our minds, and we might feel scattered, stressed, numb or angry. Yoga offers many tools to help bring things back into balance, and research supports its use in managing these symptoms. Join us through this guided yoga practice designed to enhance emotional wellness. No yoga experience is necessary and all levels of physical ability are welcome.

Shifting Gears:
Skills for Successful Self-Management


Please Register: 403.317.2845

Attending university can be a challenging time. If you find yourself struggling with feeling emotionally overwhelmed, feeling frustrated in your interactions with others, or worrying a lot about the future, consider joining us for this group. At Shifting Gears we will explore skills to manage emotional reactions, to calm and de-clutter our minds, to deal with people in more effective ways and to tolerate life when it just isn’t going so well.

Connection and Support


Please Register: 403.317.2845

Connection and Support is a personal exploration group for students dealing with a variety of issues (e.g. depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship concerns, among other things). Members learn together that they are not alone in how they’re feeling, and support each other to explore patterns of how they relate to themselves and others with the aim of developing greater understanding and acceptance, changing current behaviours, and developing better ways of coping.